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"A few years back
 pilut.com 2016 1-800-545-8956
mike@pilut.com 93 Main Street, Belfast ME usa
... when my ISP went bust and I had to set up all new email addresses I decided I did not want to repeat my misery by having another generic email address from yet another ISP, and I didn't want to rely on one of my businesses url addresses, and I didn't want to go gmail.com.  I use and love Outlook. I looked for a web address, a url of my very own that no one could take away, switch, or cancel. I wanted something short and kind of memorable. One evening the word "tulip"  popped onto my television screen and I said... "Hey; that's "pilut" spelled backwards!"  And my home base of PILUT.COM was born. If you were wondering ....what is pilut.com? you have your answer.  It is my very own web domain which I use only for email for my business, family, social, and community interests. Send me an email: mike@pilut.com.  Mike Hurley, Belfast, Maine USA
Why Pilut.com?
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